Window to my soul…

With every seed you are sowingPlease allow me a short break from my usual post. In my creative writing course, we were asked to do an exercise called Riffing. We were given a list of 72 random words and were asked to turn them into a prose poem, a poem, or the beginnings of prose. We were asked to write non-stop, so we could experience flow. The exercise was intended to help us recognize where language performed a challenging act of flight into a new place that was unique to us.

Shortly before starting the exercise I had been working on a blog post, which influenced what I saw in those 72 random words. In the spirit of this blog — where discoveries about oneself often involve stepping outside of one’s comfort zone — I decided to share what I wrote. Below is the edited version of my RiffI hope it touches you in some way.

Window to my soul.
Spiders crawling in to the dark places.
Shadows disappear in the light.
Look for the light inside.
Have the strong roots of a tree.
Branches break, but the tree lives.
Wind storms, can’t knock over a tree that has solid roots.
Discard, what is now brittle and dead.
Gardens flourish when fed.
Accept the bowl of knowledge, even if you don’t like the bowl.
A bowl is just a vessel.
All new thoughts need a vessel.
Look inside.
Accept what you can.
Return with gratitude.
Jarring. Thorny.
Look for the rose.
Without thorns, there are no roses.
Stones can trip you or they can be markers on your path.
Trust the river.
Don’t try to map out your life.
Listen to the music of your soul.
Go up the hill.
Run up the hill.
Go around each corner, even blind corners.
Relax in the river and let it guide you.
You will not break.
Cracks are okay.
Scars on your psyche heal.
Rain washes away everything.
Birds can sing in the shadows.
Basements have light bulbs, basements have stairs.
Feel the fire.
Fan the flames.
Live a powerful life.
Be big.
Break lose.
Spin like a little girl.
Be free.

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  1. says:

    Thanks for sharing the process, such exercises never fail in loosening up the imagination. I like these line in particular:

    … Stones can trip you or they can be markers on your path …

    … Break lose. Spin like a little girl …

  2. says:

    Sounds like it was an interesting exercise. It seems you were able to turn random words into something meaningful.

  3. says:

    Diane, what were the original 72 words? Love the poem!

    • Brenda,
      We didn’t have to use all of the words, just the ones that jumped out and inspired us. Here are the original 72 words (they were in four columns so they stood out more): window, fish, box, key, spider, track, wagon, pocket, tree, fence, snail, dust, map, rug, closet, snake, hole, letter, river, bowl, thorn, chair, bicycle, corner, cemetery, path, stain, pill, jar, train, music, basement, stairs, bush, lake, porch, bride, groom, barn, book, crack, rain, scar, picture, shop, blanket, hill, house, fan, car, garden, shadow, bucket, horse, roof, bird, mirror, cup, gate, grass, eye, egg, stone, fire, spin, run, sing, push, open, dance, break, lose.

  4. Loreen Graw says:

    Have the strong roots of a tree.
    Branches break, but the tree lives.

  5. Jocelyn says:

    Diane, this sure sounds like a poem!! And a great one, I connected with many lines. I like that basements have stairs, (we can leave them). Also liked the freedom of ‘Spin like a little girl.’
    Great stuff! Also really like your artwork!

  6. Kim says:

    What an amazing exercise! It would be great for anyone to do to help keep the creative juices flowing. I connected with “discard what is brittle and dead”. It reminded me of raspberry bushes that thrive and produce more fruit when the dead branches from the previous year are cut away. Thanks Diane.

  7. says:

    “All new thoughts need a vessel” – jumped out from everything else – I’m going to meditate on this thought.
    Thanks Diane!
    Wendy K

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