What is your intent?

Are you trying to live your life more consciously?  More aware of what you say to yourself? Trying to learn how to quiet your mind and open your heart so you can connect to that part of yourself that is your true, peaceful self?

In exploring the power of intentions, I created the video below.  It reached a part of me that I hope it reaches within you too.  Its 4:30 long…so grab a cup of tea, sit back…and enjoy.  Oh…and the video is set up with a responsive design (so it should adapt to fit any screen) but this means you have to click on it twice to activate it.

If you would like to read more about the power of intentions, you may want to check out some of the following:

  • About.com has an article called  that talks about the simple steps to setting intentions.
  • Ideas on how to move your mind toward the positive are included in .
  • Well known motivational author has numerous books and articles that go into more depth around the concept of intentions, by understanding the differences between setting intentions from an ego-state (“I want…”) versus setting them from that deep place within ().
  • There are the profoundly spiritual words of Deepak Chopra as he talks about , as well as the words of his daughter, Mallika Chopra, as she talks about her  growing up with intentions being the foundation of her life.
  • And there are of people supporting each other in their commitment to make clear intentions and live by them.

If you’d like to start a dialogue about how you use the power of intentions, please feel free to leave a comment (if you’re the first to comment, you might have to go back up to the top to find the red comment link).



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