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Some of my posts contain original podcasts and videos I have made that relate to the theme of this blog: finding, embracing and living from a truly present place within ourselves. Although the video/podcast will be embedded within the actual blog post, I thought it might also be useful to set up this page as a bit of a “short cut”. Each time a blog post is done, I’ll update this page with the video/podcast plus a link back to the original blog post (so you can go back and re-read the post if you’d like). Over time, this will become a “mini library” of videos/podcasts. Enjoy!

What is your intent? (3:36 minutes)

Are you sleep walking through your life?  What if you started each day with a clear intent?  Used in blog post of the same name, What is your intent?

Right and Left Brain Visualization Exercise –Flowing Freely (7:00 minutes)

A visualization exercise that will take you from left to right, right to left and taps into the power within you to flow freely between both; honoring the gifts that each side has to offer you. An exercise of awareness.  Used in the blog post Being in the left, right…both?

Being Truly Present

Trying to find your passion?  Your purpose?  Where are you looking?  Used in blog post What trips you up? and in the right sidebar (because I love this one – I think it really sums up this blog).

A Moment of Mindfulness (7:15 minutes)

A mindfulness exercise that takes you on a journey within yourself, to a place of quiet.  Used in the blog post: A mindfulness moment…

Visualization Exercise: Inner Wisdom (7:18 minutes)

A visualization exercise to connect to the inner voice within you. Used in the blog post: Trusting your inner wisdom…

Are you living a purposeful life? (2:38 minutes)

Questions and quotes to help you look within. Used in blog post Living Purposefully.

Visualization Exercise: A Journey to the Knowing Place Within (7:48 minutes)

A visualization exersise to help loosen the hold of fears and doubts. Used in blog post Loosening the hold of fear and doubt…

Visualization Exercise: Releasing Worry’s Hold (7:26 minutes)

A visualization exersise to help release the hold of worry. Used in blog post Deflating Worry…

Tree Visualization Exercise (6:52 minutes)

An exercise to connect your body, mind, and soul. Used in blog post Like a Tree…

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