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Hummingbird - MiraclesHave you been in that place when life just seems to flow?  When you feel so settled within yourself; so in tune with yourself; that doors open all around you.  You randomly meet a person, strike up a casual conversation and they say something that is exactly what you needed to hear, right in that moment.  You are deeply questioning something and the answer appears, almost like a gift from the Universe.

If you have experienced this (even for a moment) you know how profound it is; how freeing it is. It opens up your heart and allows you to trust in something far bigger than yourself.

Have you thought about why those moments happen?  Are you doing something different that draws them to you; makes them happen?  Or are they happening all the time, but you miss them because you are distracted; a hundred miles away?

I know that when I’m disconnected, distracted, living in the past, looking too far into the future – doing everything but being in the present moment – inexplicable and synchronistic events could be happening all around me and I doubt I would see them.  It’s only when I am quiet and present, that they seem to reveal themselves to me.

This was made apparent to me at the yoga retreat, where I was practicing mindfulness almost 24/7 (a slight exaggeration but it felt that way).  We were in the middle of nowhere with silence all around, which made getting to that place of inner silence – inner awareness and true presence – so much easier.  And when I was in that space, I was utterly amazed at how many profound, synchronistic, powerful events took place.

One was an experience with a hummingbird.  It was one of the most profound experiences I have ever had.  It moved me so deeply that I captured it on paper so I could hold on to it forever: The Hummingbird’s Gift.

The other was while I was trying to connect with mantras (for more background see post: My experience with Mantra Yoga).  Since I found early morning walks quite meditative, I decided to try chanting Om Namah Sivaya out loud to see if it would resonate more deeply with me.   At first I felt self-conscious (I sing off-key) but the more I sang, the more I focused on the meaning behind the words and then on how the sounds of the words felt within me.  My mind wandered at times (as it often does).  At one point, I recall having a very clear thought:  “What would I do if I came across a bear?” (we were told there were bears deep in the woods the day before, but I was walking on a road, so silly me felt safe).  Allowing this thought to pass through me, I focused again on chanting Om Namah Sivaya.  As the sound of the words reverberated in my body, my mind wandered again to the meaning of the words: Take away the obstacles to my spirituality.  And as I continued to walk, I felt myself move into this quiet, centered trusting place within me.  Ten or twenty minutes later, on my way back — still in this peaceful, almost meditative space – I rounded a corner and what do I see not 100 metres ahead, coming out of the bush?  A black bear.  And the most amazing thing happened.  For a moment, I could feel my heart rate jump (it was a bear of course!) and then, I simply stopped and continued to sing.  I sang Om Namah Sivaya a little louder, but calmly.  The bear looked at me.  I looked at her (her?).  I waited, with this amazing sense of calm and simply sang. My voice not faltering or sounding strained or anxious – it had the same peaceful, meditative resonance it had only a few moments earlier, only louder.  And as I sang and waited, the bear continued to look at me and I at her: until the look between us took on this feeling of connection, this recognition that we meant each other no harm.  And then, she simply turned and lumbered back into the bush.   I stayed and sang for a while longer and then walked back down the hill (past where she was a few minutes earlier).  And as I walked, I was filled with this sense of awe:  moments ago I had a seemingly random thought of what I would do if I came across a bear.  Moments ago, I had been chanting to feel a connection to something bigger than myself; to connect to myself on a more spiritual level.  And when I truly felt this, a bear appeared.

As I reflect back on the experience with the bear, the hummingbird and other events, I ask myself:  did these experiences happen because I was in this state of awareness?  Or was being in this state of awareness what allowed me to see it?  Do we open ourselves to them and they happen?  Or are they happening around us all the time and we just don’t see them unless we are truly present to the moment?

Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.  — Carl Jung

This phenomenon of seemingly meaningful coincidences is called synchronicity. It’s like a wink from the cosmos, a nudge from above to let us know that we’re on the right path and that we’re supported in the pursuit of our dreams and highest aspirations.  –

When we’re open, responsive, and attentive to both the world around and the world within, we set up an environment that welcomes synchronicity. —  

Synchronicities are people, places or events that your soul attracts into your life to help you evolve to higher consciousness or to place emphasis on something going on in your life. –

Care to share any thoughts, experiences…?

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  1. Kim says:

    I believe that both of your theories may be true. I think opportunities to connect at a deeper level are presented, but as you stated, many times we (I!) miss them because of the lack of mindfulness in the moment. If I can’t remember part of my commute home (wow, I don’t even remembering going past the rest stop on the highway!), I’m certainly not going to be able to tap into more subtle cues coming my way. I would also like to think that when being mindful, we are given life-altering experiences as a reward (?) for connecting at a deeper level. Perhaps the word I’m looking for is “gift”. I’m finding that remaining in a mindful states takes lots of practice for me. I’m a long, long way from staying in-the-moment for extended periods of time. With love and gratitude, K

  2. Wendy Kurchak says:

    This is a beautifully written reminder that, when we stay in the present moment, we find that for which we are searching. The hummingbird and bear – extremes in issues of safety and security….so intriguing and thought-provoking.
    Thank you for sharing your story, and encouragement.
    Wendy Kurchak

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