Do you have a personal mantra?

Pencil sketch by author of

Pencil sketch by author of

Mantras, universal mantras, personal mantras: what exactly are they?  How do you find one that has meaning to you?  The answers to these questions vary depending on whether you are coming from a traditional point of view or a more “Western” one.

  • “The word mantra has two parts: man, which is the root of the Sanskrit word for mind; and tra, which is the root of the word instrument. A mantra is therefore an instrument of the mind, a powerful sound or vibration that you can use to enter a deep state of meditation.”  More at  .
  • “Universal mantras are publicly shared for chanting and meditation while personal mantras are kept secret between meditation teacher and student.”  More at  .
  • “One of the less known facts about Mantras is that they have to be specifically chosen to suit each person for maximum effectiveness…the traditional method of selecting a Mantra….involves your date and time of birth as well as the numerical value of your full name.”  More at .
  • “The mantra is a highly potent intervention for spiritual evolution and can be used for the highest of purposes to which human beings aspire. It can also be used for therapeutic purposes and to enhance our sense of well-being and harmony.”  More at  (Author of “The Book of Meditation”).

But what if you’re not well-practiced in meditation?  Or not a follower of a spiritual tradition?  Is there a place for personal mantras in mainstream, Western world?  Those who connect deeply to the ancient art of mantra might say “no”, that the power of a mantra comes from the vibrations, the frequencies, the way it effects a particular chakra.  But others might say “yes”; that a personal mantra can be what it needs to be for that particular person; that it can be a simple – but powerful - way to affirm the way a person wants to live their life; and that as long as the mantra you choose comes from a deep place within you, it will have meaning.  When said aloud (or in your mind), it can bring you back to that deep place within yourself.

My own journey to find a mantra came in starts and stops.  Over the years I had used personal affirmations but none really resonated with me or came from that deep place within (probably because they came from a book – smile).    And although I have started to use traditional mantras (read My experience with Mantra Yoga), what I find works best for me is a personal mantra whose words – the actual words – have meaning to me.   Words that come from a deep place within.

Personal MantraIt comes from a deep knowing of what I truly need.  Knowing what trips me up and keeps me from being in that centred place.

  • Knowing that I need to quiet the chatter in my mind to connect to my inner self, my soul.
  • Trusting that it is safe to open my heart up: be all that I am; be my full potential; be the full amazing, beautiful person that I am meant to be.
  • Believing that there is something bigger than myself out there, that I am part of a plan.  And that when I am quiet, still, open: my path reveals itself and unfolds as it is meant to.
  • Letting go of my fears and trusting the path: even if I can’t see too far ahead; even if only the first step is revealed; even if what the Universe is giving me doesn’t make sense.  I can let go, trust…and embrace it.

So…do you have a personal mantra?


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  1. says:

    Namaste and Hello Diane,
    Yes, I have a personal mantra. I was guided by intuition to visit an ashram (residential community for practicing yoga and meditation) in Rishikesh, India in November 2008. I stayed at this ashram until March 2009. I met many people, and some of them were swamis (monks) and teachers. Before leaving, three people suggested that I request initiation from Swami Veda Bharati. I did so, and although he was leaving on his travel schedule, he immediately delegated it to one of his trained Initiators. I prepared for the initiation, along with bringing fruit, money and flowers. During the initiation, a personal mantra (designed for me) was whispered in my ear, and a mala (108 beads) was put around my neck. I hold the mala in my hands and use it as a guide when chanting the personal mantra silently within, and my middle finger and thumb move to the next bead after completing each mantra.
    Thank you for opening this discussion with your well written and well-researched article.

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