Blogger’s Creed…

The decision to start this blog came with both ease and difficulty.  The ease?  Knowing deep within myself that it is the right time and the right place.  Knowing that writing is a part of me, is a part of my journey and that what I write is meant to be shared.  The difficulty?  The moments when I lose touch with that deep sense of knowing and hear my inner critic instead, saying “What are you doing!?!  What do you have to offer that hasn’t already been written?  What do you know about self-hosting, plug-ins, widgets, SEO, html coding, responsive design, generating traffic….ahhhh!?!?”

Hushhhh.  Breathe.

I choose to listen to the knowing part of myself.  Even though I’m not sure where this will lead, I will trust and let go.  Whew…  Me, the person who for years (and years!) needed to know exactly what the next 10 steps were before I’d take the first one.  Me, who if she couldn’t see far enough ahead on the path, wouldn’t take the first step.  Instead, would reflect, analyze, think, think, think….trying to figure out where the path could lead, should lead, will lead.   So afraid to let go and…trust.  Trust myself.  Trust the Universe.  Trust and take that first step….

And here I am now, taking the first step.  Taking it with a clear intention.  Not trying to be what I think a blogger should be.  No, just finding a place within the huge world of social media where I can be real.  Step by step, finding my place within the world of blogging.  And as I find this place…my promise to myself is:  

Presentation1So…with a peaceful mind and an open heart, I will begin down this path and go wherever this leg of the journey takes me. Professional blogger who reaches many or small blogger who reaches the one person that needs it. Either way….I’m exactly where I am meant to be.

Would love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment :)


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