Quote and original pencil sketchWhat inspired me to write this blog?  First off, I love to write…but the writer in me is a bit timid and easily daunted.  Put a blank piece of paper in front of me and ask me to write?  Well, I can stare at it for hours.  But give me a topic to research, especially one that I’m passionate about, then stand back – smile.

So what am I passionate about?

At this stage in my life (mid-40’s), it’s definitely the journey to find (and live) from a place within myself where I feel truly present, passionate, inspired, balanced and spiritually alive.

So, have I found that place within myself?  Yes and no.  I find it…then lose it…find it…then lose it.  It still feels a bit illusive to me.  So, I decided to write a blog that explores the vast array of ideas and information out there about how to find, embrace, and live from this place that I truly believe exists within all of us.

What should you expect from this blog?

My intent is to produce blog posts that are part “article” and part “reflection”.   Ahh…but what exactly does that mean, you ask?  Good question (smile).  The “article” part means that each post will have substance to it by providing information, concepts and links to other blogs, websites, authors, etc.  The focus of the “article” will be on something I want to know more about (and hopefully you will too), as it relates to being more fully present, engaged, passionate, inspired, spiritually alive and connected.  The “reflection” part will be what brings the information to life and give it more depth.  It might be questions I’m asking myself (and you might be too?) or struggles I might be having to put it into practice (i.e. meditation – so much easier on paper than in real life!!).

Bottom line?  My intent is that by researching a particular topic and reflecting on it, we will both receive something of value from it.   My promise to myself (and you) is a ”blogger’s creed” I set out for myself when I decided to enter the world of social media:   I will ensure that what I post and tweet will be words that I can take pride in, words that have depth, have value and contribute something to the well-being of others. My writing will come from within me and will be true to me.

The person behind the blog is…

July 2011

Diane (2011), Beingtrulypresent.com

After some thought, I decided to include a picture so you knew there was a real person behind this blog.  What else might you want to know?  I am new to social media and blogging, but familiar with the world of self-reflection, empowerment and personal growth, having been a therapist (MSW) for 15+ years.  My years as a therapist gave me many gifts, but the final one it gave me was wrapped in unusual packaging:  I became very ill after years of not listening to my body (which had been trying to tell me that, while I was a good therapist, it was not good for me).  Getting my health back took many, many months but what I learned about myself, found within myself and saw within those around me, was a true gift.  It’s what truly inspired me to explore my life at a much deeper level.  The mantra I now try to live by?

With a peaceful mind and an open heart, the universe will give me what I need and I will embrace it. – Diane

So…let us begin together.  May each blog post bring us closer to finding that peaceful mind, open heart, the ability to let go, trust, take the next step down our path…and live our lives truly present.

Namaste (the light in me recognizes the light in you),


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  1. Ted N says:


  2. says:

    This sounds like a great blog site and exactly what I’ve been looking for. I especially like your blogger’s creed – sometimes it is very easy to get caught up in just writing because you have to do it. Looking forward to reading more!

  3. says:

    Hi Diane, writing from the heart you offer a truly powerful message. Looking forward to reading future posts. Kindest regards to you :-)

  4. says:

    Hi Diane! What a great idea for a blog! I am very much into taking care of my mind, body and spirit and truly believe in a positive attitude. I too write a blog (sometimes) more about music and I always try to include an inspirational quote. I look forward to reading your blogs!

  5. Kim says:

    The site and blog look great Diane! Good luck with this new adventure/venture :)

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