Having an Argh! Moment…

The struggle you're in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. (pencil drawing by Diane Mottl)

No doubt about it, I am marooned on Argh! Island. I am trying to remind myself that it is just a moment and it will pass. I have been telling myself that since yesterday. But yesterday’s frustrating moments have multiplied like bunny rabbits and have invaded my today moments. My brain is stuck and the bunnies keep multiplying. What is so frustrating, you ask? (and even if you did not, here is the answer) After the high of finishing the first draft of my very first book, I have plummeted to the ground with a Splat! as I face the world of revisions, […] Read more »

The Little Boy in the Drawing…

Pencil drawing of a sad little boy (by Diane Mottl)

My guess is if you saw this little boy in the drawing hunched over, face burrowed in his arms you would stop and ask, “Are you okay? Can I help?” Unlike the hesitation some of us may have felt helping the man with the cardboard sign, most of us would come to the aid of a young child.  Something kicks in that makes us care enough to reach out and connect. Are we reacting to his vulnerability? Innocence? Is it the parenting instinct to protect (whether we are a parent or not). Or do we see a little bit of our long ago selves reflected in […] Read more »

Do You See Me?

Pencil drawing of a homeless man (by Diane Mottl)

Earlier this week, I was pulling to a stop at a busy intersection and a man walked between the lanes holding a cardboard sign asking for change. I am ashamed to say, I avoided looking at him. Hiding behind my sunglasses I watched him in my rear view mirror. All the drivers I could see were staring straight ahead. The man ambled back up the sidewalk, leaned against a building, and waited for the light to turn red for the next lanes of traffic. I drove by him, still hiding behind my sunglasses. All the way home, I thought of […] Read more »

Slow As A Snail Ain’t So Bad…

"Wisely and Slowly. They Stumble that run fast." (pencil drawing by Diane Mottl - Beingtrulypresent.com)

We have been going through  a record deep freeze where all you want to do is hunker down until Mother Nature decides she’s had enough fun watching us freeze our kahoona’s off and turns up the temperature. The crappy weather left me feeling sluggish and not at all motivated to do a drawing this week. So when I saw this snail (slug carrying his house – smile) slowly sliming its way up a step, I thought, perfect! With only a scratched outline of the drawing completed, I was already jumping ahead to what I could write. Something about holding on and […] Read more »

Being Held Up Or Being Held Back?

All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on (pencil drawing by Diane Mottl)

There was something in this drawing that struck a chord within me. At first, I saw a tightly wound wire tethering a fence post that was only moments away from tumbling to the ground. But then I looked at the snarled wire again and it began to look more ominous. I saw how its sharp edges were poking this way and that; how it was snaking its way around and around, knotting and tangling itself up as it held fast. That’s when I looked at the fence post differently. Was it being held up? Or was it straining and pulling as it struggled to break free of its […] Read more »