Looking for the sparkle amidst the snow…

Pencil sketch of snow covered trees and snowman

Where I live, it can drift down in lazy swirls or blanket us in white. Kids bundle up to slide in it, build with it, and zing each other with it. It can turn a 30 minute drive into 2 hours, leave back muscles spasming after heaving too much of it; and can have us combing the internet for getaways deals. We have no control over when it arrives, how long it stays, how often it will need shoveling, or how far below zero it will dip, hover, or plummet. One day we despise it, curse it, and wish we lived somewhere (anywhere) else. The next, we find ourselves […] Read more »

The Lion in the Mirror…

Pencil sketch of kitten looking into a mirror and seeing a lion, by author of beingtrulypresent.com

Are you in the habit of selling yourself short? Others are quick to see what makes you special, but its hard for you to see? When did we stop seeing the lion in the mirror? As little kids, we start out believing that we can do anything, be anything. But as those around us begin to weigh in on what they see (or don’t see), it starts to shift. The words we hear (or don’t hear), the gestures we see (or don’t see), the actions and reactions — all start to influence what we see in the mirror. A gradual brainwashing takes place as we […] Read more »

What do you see? What do you choose?

Original pencil sketch of adult hands holding baby's feet - by author of beingtrulypresent.com

When you look at this pencil sketch, what do you see? How tiny the baby’s feet are, dwarfed by adult hands? The way they are being cradled, ever so gently? Do you think about your own children? Or yourself as a child? We all enter this world vulnerable, dependent on the hands the Universe entrusted us to. Some of us were lucky and were given to one’s capable of love and equipped to guide, protect and cherish us. Others were not so lucky. Although we were not given a say in how our life started, we have all been given something else. Every day we are given the opportunity to make […] Read more »

Taking that one itsy-bitsy step…

Original pencil sketch of feet tip-toeing through water - by author of beingtrulypresent.com

We are told to pursue our goals with bold, confident steps. There are 101 motivational quotes out there to give us the kick in the butt we need, right? But what about when the path beneath you shifts and you find yourself tip-toeing warily? The once bold steps become hesitant. The faltering pace begins to crumble your confidence. “If I truly wanted this, why am I digging in my heels?” You stop, unsure. As you stand on the precipice, how do you muster the courage to take that one itsy-bitsy step? Is it your Faith? The encouragement of others? Something deep within yourself? A few weeks ago, I was […] Read more »